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Molly Thomson_Blue, with corner copy 2.jpg

Untitled (blue, with corner)

IMG_4818 copy.jpg

Untitled (painting with opening and ledge)

IMG_4440 copy.jpg

Interior (extension)

IMG_4710 copy 2.jpg

Untitled (blue, facing two ways)

IMG_4584 copy.jpg

Untitled (blue rise)

IMG_4593 copy.jpg

Untitled (painting with points)

IMG_5192 copy.jpg
IMG_5077 copy.jpg
IMG_5308 copy.jpg
IMG_4630 copy.jpg

Untitled (restless painting with gap)

IMG_4545 copy.jpg


IMG_5105 copy 2.jpg

Untitled (triple and turn)

IMG_5148 copy 2.jpg

Untitled (green, three-stack)

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